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  1. FishTheRIVERS

    Sink a highpoint in slime and test it

  2. Space Cowboy

    The spinning bullet is fking great.

  3. Aleksandr Stihin

    I wonder what caliber will stop the bucket of balls from the bearings. I think if you close the bucket with a hammer tightly, then even 50BMG will stop.

  4. lucas nasey

    Matt i know this has nothing to do with this but do you have a M16

  5. Edgeofthevoid13 Void13

    “ I don’t care which nuts is touched, so long as one of them is touched” that’s what I tell my girlfriend

  6. LoveJuice

    i suggest putting them in a container like that honey video

  7. MCdude

    Dude, you are crushing these intro's!!! Keep at it mate 🤣👌

  8. Mitchell Myers

    You should try oobleck next!

  9. Rhea Daville


  10. Echelon Gaming

    11:13 "Rifles are way hotter" Yeah i agree completely

  11. julian valdiviezo

    Matt wasted an hour on hand washing that day

  12. Tamiya Fan

    googles slime asmr....oh my....

  13. SlayerofMidgets

    Disliked for raid

  14. Olaf Outloud

    They should make the tanks with this.

  15. cameron idc

    You should get a 20mm azio

  16. Chris Bell

    seek help.....

  17. Jackson Barone

    You should shoot Oobleck

  18. LaughingBuddha

    Crispy is awesome!! Dude is a walking inspiration, plus he just seems like a good person. Much respect to the both of ya 💪🇺🇲🇺🇲

  19. Tony Shaw

    It's like a clown crime scene....

  20. Troy Nesbit

    Uh Aaron.... I think its dust in the wind!

  21. Christian Sorensen

    Matt, there are a lot of things I can get mad at you for shooting, and I've been quiet this whole time. You crossed a line man. I'm 'more' proud of you.

  22. T C

    I come for the intro... I stay for the video

  23. Ouate de Phoque

    Hi-point slime torture test

  24. Jackson Barone

    I love the slime in the videos keep up the good work

  25. Joshua Sprouse

    Pretty sure this is where Ivan Ooze comes from. The Power Rangers just needed a 50 cal.

  26. Draculas Shadow

    Matt.... The ONLY ASMR you should do is gun ASMR

  27. Yoinkk

    Bro almost screwed his hand 💀💀

  28. Caleb Lowe

    Matt’s search history before the video “can a vacuum electrocute you under water”

  29. ahti29


  30. bo matt

    I feel like it woulda been better if you opened all the slime into a big container and then shoot it. Maybe…maybe not…..just a thought.

  31. Yorick De Vetter

    Hi Matt, you should invite all your 'tactical' friends and host a massive airsoft game! :D

  32. L1DZRU

    I like them white

  33. Star_beatz 64

    NOOO not the slime on the white sheets

  34. qurvd

    i thought there is only ps5

  35. Mikato Yeptho

    Yeahh... I'm in! 😎

  36. Lucas Racine

    Damn bro. His intros are getting long

  37. L0LZ

    i like how when he pulls the guns out of random places they were probably there before they started filming

  38. MyFriendsAreElectric

    Did you ever shoot tar? Maybe tar and ceramic tiles layered to make a hard and squidgy plate .... 2m thick :D

  39. Alan Amadiz

    Even Matt can't resist getting distracted by the slim lmao

  40. Cr8zY

    Would it be possible to get a view of the destruction from above? It's always from the side in slow-motion... I think it could be very cool to see what the 50 cal does from filming above it. -Sorry for bad English I'm German:D I hope you understood what I meant

  41. Austin Disabatino

    Matt:.50 cal time Me: r u sure its not an AR 10 chambered in 308?

  42. MarinesOnRoblox

    On a plane rn

  43. Dsti 79

    Dude.... this thing doesnt look like a phone.

  44. BandAidEater32


  45. BandAidEater32


  46. Alex Villalobos

    what happened to the new intro?

  47. Joshua Long

    This one needed a collab with Slo Mo Guys.

  48. Joshua Feagle

    I could only laugh and say “fucking idiot” to that intro. So yea that was awesome.

  49. Timothy Bailey

    You tube keeps turning off my notification on your channel only

  50. vincent eklund

    People in India are dying for lack of oxygen tanks Matt: shoots dem like nothing Harsh reality

  51. Gunnar Peterson


  52. William Cox

    Nice Video. Little tip for getting sticky stuff off of hands: If you rub them with dirt you will get it off a lot quicker than with soap and water.

  53. Doc Needles

    A gf for Lt Dan!

  54. Roscoe

    whos throwing that manaquin around lol

  55. AJ255LVG

    Where’s the new intro

  56. Cotne Chubinidze

    this video should have ben longer <3

  57. Luca VonDelfin

    I dare you to torture test the 50. Cal in gold glitter

  58. Gabe MacLeod

    8:20 that slime is sus

  59. Wayne Richards

    Intro: ridiculous. Spinning bullets on camera: NOW THAT'S COOL AND WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION!

  60. arthur Benedetti

    24 joules lol. a 9mm has 400

  61. RG Williams

    This is too funny! Great Video and entertainment with this one

  62. spylingual85

    I believe it's pronounced "sloim"

  63. Lord_Farquad II

    Do a gun test but put it in slime instead glitter

  64. Gabe MacLeod

    New video idea vs Biden

  65. Nicholas Swanepoel

    "Wow i did not expect it too bust that much"-my girlfriend probably

  66. Richard Rivas

    Bro spinning bullets that beast

  67. Avinash Gajadhar


  68. Vladimir K

    Kentucky Ballistics: My Serbu 50 Cal Exploded; DemolitionRanch: I have to get rid of my Serbu quick. It's just a coincidence, that's all.

  69. Ernest Hill

    No wonder he found the shell, texas used to be ocean! :)

  70. Ben Hacmon

    I'm just gonna enjoy not cleaning that up

  71. Christopher Neuendorff

    AR-10 chambered in .308......😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. Earnest Noel

    Give a thumbs up and a share just for the intro boiz!! Then a comment for an awesome video!

  73. derek winquist

    Next video is Lincoln log fortress!!?

  74. Sniper LYFE

    If where being completely honest I’m not black 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  75. John and Jenny Gemmill

    Now try ooblek!

  76. Peter Smith

    Yo Crispy we love you bro.

  77. Monster Visuals

    The thumbnail brought me here 😭😂😂😂😂

  78. Bentley Design

    What happened to the new intro!?

  79. HalK

    5:13 Dead shot in action. Greetings from Belarus. You're cool !!! 👍👍👍👍👍