Demo Ranch's Whole Arsenal in One Epic Video... 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!!!

5 mln. weergaven34 000

    Thanks to these awesome dudes for coming out to celebrate with me!!!
    Mat Best
    Crispy crispy11b
    AK Guy
    Eli eli_doubletap
    Baddie baddiestreams
    Klean kleanisklean

    Demolition Ranch Tees here! Comes with a free hug if I catch you wearing it.

    Watch me vlog.
    IF you love animals

    "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
    Outro music by MDK,

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    1. Mick Kulpinski

      Do u have a aka17

    2. Abrikos

      Поздравляем Мета от русских ребят с канала Зёбра !!

    3. Tardisboygamer 13

      ATF agent: jackpot

    4. Sam Tapuolo

      13:50 y'all just gonna do bruh man like that! 😂

    5. Kingsley Jerry

      This glock is different from the one I got from *mrmasterglock on wickr* the one I got, has a switch them told me it a new gun

    6. Doug Fresh

      Who was here before 1 mil?

    7. Andrew Finsel

      No one took the tommy gun for the tie breaker I'm disappointed it would have been cool to hip fire

    8. SubToDanielHarrison

      Do you like Guns?🤣

    9. Chichota Harden

      So what you think 🤔 about the yellow

    10. Chichota Harden

      700$ firm

    11. Chichota Harden

      Lmk I’m tryna get the rn 50 second hand lol idc

    12. Chichota Harden

      Bro how much death you smoke

    13. Martins 01

      I'm Brazilian and I'm a big fan of you, even if I don't understand much English I watch your videos, I really enjoy it, congratulations for the 10 million 👏👏👏

    14. Michael Brown

      I sure hope this doesn’t turn into evidence one day from anti 2a gov

    15. Austin Bagwell

      David "Waco Kid" Chipman: *Leans over to the guy next to him* How many dogs does this guy have? Also. Screw David Chipman.

    16. Ryan Ott

      Tic toc: show me something that looks illegal to watch Demolition Ranch: hold my 🍺

    17. RipXoxo

      You’re on a list Fs

    18. Leonardo Chiaravalli

      what about you actually do a video where you explain all the weapons and tell us what they are? anyway really funny video

    19. Deonta Diego

      5 secs in.. & I wanna rewind ⏪👀 do u see that gold one

    20. Kingsmash227

      Imagine having all these guns and not having ammo for any of them

    21. austinalsobrook

      Matt lookin like nicholas Joker with the long as f revolver lol

    22. BrownKidBeats

      Mans really got gold camo on some of these guns. menace to society

    23. Detta Jonas

      Imagine trolling through the woods and running into the guys!!! 😂😂😂

    24. Jared W

      5:52 could be a damn good action shot

    25. Atmic Shotz

      good video that was fun to watch

    26. @pplebite

      Awesome arsenal, but dude, that thumbnail. Why are you guys holding each other's hips? You didn't think that through, did you?

    27. Elite Axm

      Congrats bro 🎉🎉🎊

    28. Survin Prints

      The one time I didn't bring my gun we capsized. Lucky you though 😅

    29. Buck fiden

      Is that a Kentucky ballistic 50 cal? Where is Ian?

    30. real one

      it’s safe to say i’m going to this mans house if there’s a zombie apocalypse lmao also the government doesn’t stand a chance if they try to take your guns

    31. The Urbex Files

      Looks like my Tuesday nights .

    32. William Wheeler

      The best part losing them all Sea shitty ass boat accident

    33. Nick Weber

      ive been waiting years for this

    34. Icey media


    35. PBI alpha

      Enough guns for a small army

    36. That One Asian Boi

      It’s the pew pew

    37. Andreas

      I've been watching from when you had 32k subscribers good to see you made it bro

    38. Andreas

      Ima rob u

    39. Josh Mazurkiewicz

      This guy is the definition of gun safety? And people who can own guns should. Dumbasses should not. Its just facts. Demolition ranch is amazing and proves it. Guns are fun. Guns are for safety. Guns are for providing for your family.

      1. Josh Mazurkiewicz

        Safety with the ? Is just cus he does some really bizarre shit but he's not putting anyone but himself in danger. Not because he's not safe.

    40. Roy

      After Texas turns blue kiss all those guns goodbye since you showed the government all the guns you have don't know which ones to come and get

    41. Víctor Julián Pérez Pérez

      Probably this is the best no-military spot in the earth in wich you should be in a zombie apocalipse...

    42. Randy Gregory

      Did you really dump all your guns?! OMG too funny!

    43. Seth NaDeau


    44. Jay Beeznuts

      Damn. You’d think with an arsenal like that he wouldn’t cop out and say ‘dur boating happened’ 🤡

    45. Cotne Chubinidze

      this video should have ben longer

    46. Vladimir K

      Kentucky Ballistics: My Serbu 50 Cal Exploded; DemolitionRanch: I have to get rid of my Serbu quick. It's just a coincidence, that's all.

    47. Monster Visuals

      The thumbnail brought me here 😭😂😂😂😂

    48. Jamie Fife

      damn last round the two vets

    49. Dahlia Timbol

      You should Collab with ZGB Studios/ZombieGoBoom

    50. Callum Hibbert

      Demo ranch king of the gold Guns and of tables 🤣 Kentucky ballistics and his table sponsor is vexed 🤣🤣🤣

    51. FlipsMx12

      I've been here's since 90'151k haha I remember it.

    52. Green Apple Pie

      14:22 I love how 3 of them has the exact same shirt and the same pants

    53. Theodore Kelley

      If this people don't survive a zombie apocalypse no one will

    54. McKenzie Annie

      The greedy goose geographically dress because encyclopedia surely disarm forenenst a tasteful creditor. alluring, capable distance

    55. Dabi

      should've gotten nick on this he would've loved it

    56. 97684475

      Wtf, why didn't they just shoot each other to determine the winner?

    57. Mandoon 5891

      That first shot by 🍩 was awesome! Love his videos and love Demolition Ranch!

    58. Travelinmatt76

      The first person to invent a floating gun is going to be rich!

    59. Loko Ryder

      Long live the DEMOLITIA

    60. Barry O'Hara

      Is any need have all those guns what waste money and no wonder get head ases shootin e eryone in america .. that guy needs headdoctor for havin all those guns man

    61. REGUSSS555

      Are any of these guys gay. Cuz no disrespect I love the channel and am gonna continue to watch. But the gay-dar is going off big time.

    62. George Miller

      This video is so right wing and I love it

    63. Aritra M

      Did someone say WAR?????? :-)

    64. Joshy Pecks

      i couldn’t stop thinking about how the intro looks so clean now compared to the old one even tho it still was always pretty good

    65. Idontuse Myname

      Whats with the brokeback thumbnail

    66. Hellsjelly hendrickson

      I remember when you used to make your own weapons the good old days the shotgun rounds those were the best I love my shirt that I got when I got when I started watching you

    67. Seer-of-things end

      The atf really ruined this.

    68. Bobbie Kincaid

      You forgot to invite Nicolas Irving a.k.a "the reaper"

    69. TheCoopinater

      Now this is the most American video on NLname

    70. drillaaaOG

      Why are they all aimed at yall

    71. sarcastic Naval

      everyone is very sharp shooter they play with gun &we are playvwith toys

    72. wojomojo

      Were you guys doing a human centipede in the thumbnail? How did it go? Will you do it again?

    73. sarcastic Naval

      i love only ak47,

    74. M Jk

      Yeoooooo. Got a whole Armory😂😂. But how much is that altogether $$$$$$???

    75. Nick

      Get Me On That Ranch ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️......Get MeThat Ranch !!!!!!!!

    76. Machine

      now this is epic

    77. J. Saldana


    78. Savage Pancake

      One question. Do you have the a Bren?

    79. Tome Cudmore

      The absent chick diagnostically stay because step-aunt considerably laugh into a unkempt satin. annoyed, abrasive treatment

    80. Glinting_Infantry

      Angry cops should have been there too

    81. Hank Hill

      "I lost all my guns in a boating accident..."

    82. Imperial Maggot

      i'm suprised no one pick the thompson

    83. Magnus Magnussen

      All those guns oughta piss off the liberals !! Very nice !!!!

    84. Cindy DeVries

      Jeez all those guns could support a army also LONG LIVE THE DEMOLISHA

    85. Boris Shaver

      Когда переведут 😳

    86. Calixer

      this is the most american video i have ever seen

    87. 1man slayer

      wait how did donut lose his leg?

    88. Andy Bel

      Can make a "well regulated militia" with only his collection

    89. Louden Maples

      The one dude looks like demos brother and the other looks like donuts brother lmao

    90. Retro Gaming

      Pretty sure they were right, Donut missed 2 on the purple target

    91. slimjim 1

      I knew ak guy was gonna grab the gold ak the moment I saw it

    92. Nick C

      300 mag!

    93. Jeremy Altom


    94. IronWolfBlue Gaming

      sad to lose all of those guns...=(

    95. SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS

      Hahahaha he’s got the 36 “ barrel 500 mag and oh yeah it’s hipfire only lololol

    96. Прикол

      В России ждут не дождутся этого ролика с переводом от Zёбра

    97. random as fuck